New Mojaloss PRO account will be closed effective immediately


We have started PRO account since FEB this year, so it’s been almost 11 months. The amount of response we got for new accounts, every single day is overwhelming, to say the least. Providing daily support for all these users is a real nightmare. It’s much easier if your ISP connects with us for mojaloss then to maintain individual accounts.

We still want to use Mojaloss, how can we do it?

Please Ask your ISP to contact so that all their users get access to mojaloss server.
Another way to get access to our server is to get our internet service – you get mojaloss for free. Information about our coverage area is here:

I already signed up for multiple months, what happens to us

Your account will continue to work until they expire. After that, you won’t be able to renew your account.
PLEASE stop sending us money – we won’t renew any more accounts. If you send us money – while we will try to send you back the money. We can’t provide any such guarantee.

If you have any more questions feel free to email